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Be part of the Trees2Pens Heirloom Wood Project

There are thousands of stories about old wood flooring, chairs, picture frames and doors in salvage stores being sold as vintage wood.The wood has been spared from going to the land fill with the hopes that someone will reclaim and repurpose the wood into another life.

Many families have taken this idea into their own hands and instead of throwing out grandma's old broken chair or that picture frame that that did its job three generations ago and contacted Trees2Pens to create an Heirloom Wood Pen.

Recently, a family did this from a door frame from their ancestors 1888 New England home. Four fountain pens were made from this wood and they were amazed at the enormous feeling of a family bound from the past when they received the pens.

Another family contacted Trees2Pens to make pens from a cherry tree that was knocked down in a storm in their front yard. The family children played and climbed that tree and so did the grandchildren. The heartbroken family asked for five pensmadefrom a small piece of the trunk to carry on the family cherry tree happiness.