One Artist Making One 

Pen at a Time

Our society had grown into the use it then loose it mindset regardless if it is a smartphone or a disposable pens. However, we have once again began to appreciate quality of older products that are made with pride and not mass produced.Trees2Pens emulates that concept. We create the feeling that writing with our pen is just as important as what you are writing.Even signing your name is an important action worthy of an elegant pen. Make a statement without writing a word by showing your appreciation for a fine hand turned pen.

Wood has a spirit all its own, grab hold 

of that spirit and write with it.

One Artist Making One Pen At A Time

I’ve been to many craft shows and seen a lot of pen turners.I haven’t found anyone as knowledgable as you who is willing to take the time to share his passion. 

Modern association

" Many customers revisit Trees2Pens after their first purchase and not only tell me what a great pen they bought from me, but now want another one"


Owner and Pen Maker

Craft Show Visitor

Trees 2 Pens has the distinct honor of being a member in good standing of the world’s most prestigious 

international pen-turners’ group.

Infinity $69

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Celtic Muse $59






Just A Small Sampling of Our Work

Think Outside the Box

Ask us how we can customize a one of a kindfund raising campaign for your organization like nothing anyone has ever seen or done before.

A Family’s Cherished Memories

Learn how one family was able to keep the memory of their childhood home alive right there in their pocket.



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